Floor Stripping & Waxing Service

Premium Cleaning’s Floor Stripping & Waxing service is the perfect solution for your facility’s tile floors if you want them to gleam like the local super market’s  The results we deliver are guaranteed to impress and satisfy.  5,000 square ft, 50 square ft, no job is too big or too small.  Services provided will be carried out by only highly experienced professionals who have dealt with every scenario imaginable. We are uncompromising when it comes to the quality of your tile floors.  Call us for a free quote in person.

Tile Floor Stripping and Waxing

Typically performed on vinyl composite tile (VCT), Stripping and waxing is a floor cleaning concept that covers maximum cleaning and ongoing protection.  This is the ideal way of keeping tile looking nice because once stripped, new coats of floor finish (wax) will seal and protect the tile itself from becoming soiled and damaged by everyday traffic. Newly finished floors look dazzling and are easier to clean for months; longer if regularly serviced.

What is stripping and waxing?

Stripping and waxing is the procedure of removing all old wax or finish along with ground-in dirt and stains resulting from everyday traffic and applying several coats of new wax.

Stripping and waxing the Premium Way

Our routine begins with stripping the perimeter wall’s baseboards or trim that surrounds the given floor. This step only applies to highly durable (usually rubber) bases and will not be applied directly to the walling as the floor stripping solution may be damaging to those paints commonly used on wood baseboards or moldings.

Once the wall bases have been scrubbed and rinsed clean we proceed to soak the entire surface area of the floor with stripper solution and wait a few minutes before agitation. Allowing time for the chemical reaction is important for ensuring the full molecular breakdown of the existing finish.

 Scrubbing to Remove Residue and Old Wax

We methodically scrub every inch of the solution covered floor with a high-speed scrubber, leaving behind a sludge of old wax and all the dirt and grime that it retained. This waste is immediately removed with a high power shop vac and as long as no further stripper solution is needed, the floor is rinsed heavily to dilute any remaining chemicals.

In most cases, one or two applications of stripper followed by agitation is enough to remove all old wax or finish, but if a floor has been given too many coats over time to improperly achieve shininess, the required time and effort become extensive.

Final Rinse and Waxing

After all, wax has been removed and the floors have been rinsed and dried, our floor specialists complete a final detailing rinse. Corners and edges are scanned and scraped clean by hand of any remaining debris, hair, adhesives, etc. Our vigilance in this area is what sets us apart from other services whose jobs end with the limitations of the large machinery that is less effective in tight areas and corners.

At this point, the floor is bare to the bone tile. Clean as can be but in need of protection, which is where the coats of wax come in.  A thick enough base coat is imperative to the floors ability to withstand high traffic as well as spills and dragging chairs and furniture.  We typically suggest four coats be applied to a bare VCT floor, but in some cases where areas are overwhelmed by traffic, as many as 6 coats could be needed for year-round protection and shine.