Residential Cleaning Services

Premium Cleaning works hard to be the best. Our Residential cleaning service has driven us as a family business and we value the expectations of every one of our customers. You deserve nothing but the best and that is what we are here for. We bring to the table a set of standards that ensures we provide exactly what you are looking for…

House Cleaning

Our house cleaning service is among the industry leaders of customer service and quality performance. We are not a franchise so you will never be run around by various corporate customer service reps. On the phone, you will deal directly with company Owner and Project Coordinator Heather, who has made thousands of impressions across Bucks and Montgomery County, and sets the standard for outstanding customer service. Our cleaners are personable and ready to serve the individual needs of any given client. It’s important to us that you see results beyond what you expected. We bring out all the glamor your home has to offer, room to room, ceiling to floor. Most important is our guarantee of leaving each home a healthier environment than when we arrived. These factors bring us the peace of mind that drives us to serve you!

Floor Cleaning

We offer unmatched residential cleaning services. Our technicians provide commercial grade stripping & waxing, scrubbing, and grout cleaning options for any of your home’s tile or vinyl floors. High traffic in bathrooms, kitchens, basements, and foyers can result in ground in blotches that could require special attention beyond the basic cleaning. We will bring your soiled tile floors back to their showroom quality splendor. And don’t worry about messes like other contractors tend to leave behind. We are extremely careful to protect damage to your home by using caution moving equipment and/or furniture around our work area. If something cannot be moved, we protect it from being damaged by water or chemicals.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaners are trained to be meticulous and attentive to every inch of carpet they are responsible for cleaning in your home. Understanding of your home’s dynamic is key to providing exactly what is needed for excellent results. We are aware of factors such as pets or children, that tend to make residential carpet cleaning more of a spot based challenge, where commercial carpet cleaning is typically more high traffic based. No matter what your concerns or needs may be, consult with us for free to come up with a solution that meets your needs and budget.

The Premium Cleaning Methodology

Our company is geared by a code of conduct that embraces consistency, and quality workmanship. It is our guideline to success and customer satisfaction.

Systematic Approach

There are no short cuts when it comes cleaning. There are specific procedures that produce great results in cleaning. We know them well. We know what procedures work and have the tools needed to produce great results. We teach them well. Our staff is trained specifically to understand and execute these cleaning procedures. We have been very successful in providing some of the best cleaning services in the area.

Optimal Routine

Our cleaning procedures are then carried out systematically in a specific order. Our routine is optimal because it delivers the same great results every time by every cleaner. Each service we offer has a specific routine that is followed by our trained employees. Whether it’s our residential cleaning service, office cleaning, floor stripping and waxing, carpet cleaning services, we have developed a unique routine for each.

Amazing Customer Service

We are committed to responding quickly to your individual needs. You will speak directly with a knowledgeable person who will take the time to listen to your concerns and create a plan to fit your needs & your budget.

Professional Staff

Our staff is carefully selected and thoroughly trained. Equipped with the proper tools and knowledge our uniformed cleaners will arrive on time every time. Each staff member is specifically trained for the service provided. Our floor guys are knowledgeable on the care and cleaning procedures for a variety of floor surfaces including VCT, ceramic tile, quarry tile, terrazzo, hardwood or carpet. Our residential cleaning staff knows exactly what products to use to create a healthy living environment in your home or office.Our cleaning staff is reliable and dependable ready to get to work upon arrival.