Green Cleaning

Premium Cleaning has made proactive strides in the last decade to become an environmentally responsible company.  Our “Green” efforts are geared by our accountability for the health of the customers and employees who we value dearly, as well as the respect that we owe to the planet we share and depend upon.  There is too much at risk to not become part of a solution.

What Powers Premium Cleaning’s Green Cleaning?

The products and equipment we use do as good a better than many competing toxic chemicals and falsely advertised cleaning gear.  We avoid paper waste whenever possible by recycling microfiber cloths. Microfibers pick up more than paper towels, and require less chemical application to achieve the desired clean. We use Grade A commercial vacuums with clean air filtration systems to ensure rooms are left dust and allergen free.

Our Green Cleaning Products

The average household or business facility contains an alarming volume of toxic or environmentally harmful chemicals that can seriously affect your health over time.  Many store bought cleaning agents leave behind residues that evaporate and pollute the surrounding air, posing a potential respiratory threat.   Our efforts are to join the push away from petrochemicals and use only natural chemicals. The difference is that natural or “green” products are derived from bio-based substances such as plant oils, while petrochemicals are derived from petroleum based distillates and cannot be easily broken down and recycled. Hot water does a great job cleaning many things without any cleaning agent at all, but cannot do the job completely on it’s own. Premium Cleaning uses appropriate applications of BETCO cleaning products which are all Green Seal Certified.

Home & Office Green Cleaning

Leave smaller carbon footprint by asking for our earth friendly home or office Green Cleaning services. All tasks will be performed using hot damp microfiber cloths with appropriate applications of biodegradable cleaners and disinfectants where necessary.  This means zero paper waste and zero use of any product not certified to be 100% safe for Mother Nature and the people we serve. We give you the gratification of doing your part to help the environment and peace of mind that you’re ensuring the health of all building occupants.

Carpet Green Cleaning

With our high pressure steam extraction equipment, we are able to clean carpeting effectively using ONLY HOT WATER!
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