Tile Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Commercial Tile Cleaning & Maintenance

At Premium Cleaning, we specialize in elevating the beauty and longevity of commercial and residential floors. As industry leaders, we recognize the intricate needs of various commercial spaces and the high foot traffic they endure daily. Our dedication lies in restoring and maintaining the brilliance of your tile flooring, ensuring that it not only adds to the aesthetic appeal but also stands as a testament to the quality and cleanliness of your business. With our team by your side, your commercial tiles will be more than just a floor – they’ll be a statement.

Our Expert Commercial Tile Floor Cleaning Services

At Premium Cleaning, we understand the importance of maintaining pristine commercial tile floors. Commercial spaces experience continuous foot traffic, which inevitably leads to wear and tear on their tile floors. Our commercial tile floor cleaning service ensures the rejuvenation of your floors, bringing back their original shine and allure.

Why Choose Our Tile Floor Cleaning Services?

With our vast experience in commercial tile cleaning, we’ve mastered the art of cleaning every tile surface. From ceramic tile floors to commercial vinyl flooring, our team of experts knows exactly how to give each type its deserved care. Our methods are not limited to traditional steam cleaning; we also employ deep cleaning processes to ensure every inch of your tile gleams.

Comprehensive Tile Floor Cleaning Solutions

Our commercial tile cleaning and maintenance services excel in their comprehensive approach and unmatched quality. When we clean commercial tile floors, we do not just quickly use a sponge mop and dish soap to remove dirt. We understand that a shiny surface does not mean a tile floor is completely disinfected from germs. Our team uses an arsenal of high-end cleaning products to not only remove dirt but prevent dirt from quickly coming back. 

Tiles, especially ones made from natural stone, can be quite porous and, therefore, can absorb stains. When cleaning tile floors, we utilize strong cleaning agents to remove stains and also apply sealants to ensure the floor remains stain-resistant. We use heavy-duty buffers and steamers to scrub away stubborn dirt and grime, along with special solutions to make the tile shine like new! Finally, we also offer waxing services for added protection. 

With our complete cleaning solutions, your tile floors will look as good as new! 

Our Proven Tile Cleaning Process

It starts with the removal of dirt using a vacuum cleaner. This is followed by a thorough deep clean using eco-friendly cleaning agents. Spots and stains that have settled on the tile grout or tile surface are addressed with spot cleaning, ensuring that every tile is free from dirt and grime. Our cleaning solution is then applied, which penetrates the pores of your tiles and grout. After this treatment, hot water extraction guarantees the complete elimination of stubborn dirt and grime.

High-Quality Floor Finishes

Once the cleaning process is completed, we ensure that your tile floor is finished with high-quality sealants. This not only restores the shine of your tile flooring but also provides a protective layer, ensuring longevity and low maintenance.

Tile Maintenance

Maintaining commercial tiles is pivotal to preserving the aesthetic and functionality of business spaces. High foot traffic areas, common in commercial environments, can accelerate wear and soil accumulation on tiles. Proper maintenance ensures longevity, preventing costly replacements and fostering a pristine and professional image. 

Moreover, clean and well-maintained tiles contribute to a safer, slip-resistant surface, which is crucial for businesses to protect their clientele and staff. Invest in regular tile maintenance to safeguard your investment and uphold your establishment’s reputation.

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When it comes to commercial tile cleaning, don’t settle for less. Contact Premium Cleaning, the leader in cleaning commercial tile floors. Our team of commercial cleaners is equipped and trained to handle every type of commercial flooring and ensure that your business floors gleam with pride.


How do your commercial tile cleaning services differ for businesses versus residential homes?

Our commercial tile cleaning services are tailored to meet the unique demands of commercial spaces, handling high foot traffic and ensuring durability, making them perfectly suited for business environments.

How frequently does your team recommend cleaning commercial tiles?

Depending on the foot traffic and nature of the business, we typically recommend daily cleaning for high-traffic areas. However, our team will assess and provide a personalized cleaning schedule for your commercial space.

Does your service portfolio include cleaning commercial carpets as well as tile floors?

Yes, we offer a range of cleaning services catering to different flooring types, including both commercial carpets and tile floors, each with its specialized cleaning approach.

How does your team handle deep cleaning of grout lines during our service?

Our team uses specialized tools and solutions, including a scrub brush and a tested mixture, to deep clean grout lines. We always finish with a thorough rinse and drying process to maintain the integrity of your floor.

How often does your cleaning crew replace their mop heads during service?

Our commitment to cleanliness ensures that mop heads are regularly replaced during service. We avoid spreading dirty water and ensure each swipe is as effective as the first.