Tile Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Finished (waxed) tile floors are a great option for facilities who see a high volume of foot traffic and intake of dirt or other wear and tear factors.  Multiple coats of finish protect the integrity of the tile from nearly everything and when the time finally comes, the entire floor can be reset back to new with a strip and wax servicing.

Tile Floor Cleaning, Upkeep and Maintenance

With a professionally assessed regiment of periodic floor maintenance services, Premium Cleaning’s tile floor cleaning services keep floors looking tip top until it’s time to strip and wax again. These intermittent services include floor cleaning (dust mopping and mopping with neutral floor cleaner), buffing, and scrub&wax. Our carefully personalized service plans are designed to maximize floor finish longevity, and meet our customers’ budgets.

Keeping Your Floors Clean

Freshly stripped and waxed floors are brilliant following their servicing but if neglected they can quickly lose their shine (types of traffic considered).

Tile floors should be kept Clean. Dry mop all dust and debris that collects on the floors throughout the building, especially along walls and in corners. Damp mop with neutral floor cleaner. Using non-neutral cleaner quickly degrades the quality of the floor’s finish.


Taking clean a step further, Burnishing or buffing brings out the full potential of the existing top coat of finish, keeping it as shiny and in unison as can between re coatings. Our high speed burnishers use non abrasive pads that polish out impurities at 2000 rotations per minute.  That’s a lot of elbow grease. Most floors withstand several burnishing and still retain a full shine before needing a new top coat of finish.

At some point, the top coat of finish on the floor will reach the point of no return, when it can no longer be buffed into a shine and high traffic areas show yellowing and scratching.

Intermittent Scrubbing

To stretch the life of your floor’s finish between strip and wax servicing, Top scrub servicing is a logical option.  Using a slightly abrasive pad with a high speed rotary scrubber, we scrub over a specialized solution which removes a top coat of finish and all impurities retained within.  In turn we add a fresh top coat of wax leaving the floor cleaner and shinier.